Brass Coated Steel Wire

Brass Coated Steel Wire

Brass Coated Steel Wire for Hose Reinforcement, also called Rubber Hose Steel Wire, is used as braided or spiral wrapped reinforcement for rubber and thermoplastic high pressure hoses.
Nominal diameter: 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.28mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm

Annual output : 10000 tons per year

Product Description

Brass Coated Steel Wire

Good Perfomance Charateristic:

Zhuoheng constantly develops new products as higher tensile strength wires,large diameter wires and solutions to improve hose impulse life,increase hose flexibility and increase adhesion performance.

Consistent high quality, higher tensile strength wires

Reliable and flexible supply from plants in all regions

New product development and technical support

Increase hose flexibility and increase adhesion performance

Brass Coated Steel Wire
Brass Coated Steel Wire

Specification: Hose Reinforcement Wire

Material is high carbon steel grade

ISO/TS 16949 And ISO9002 certificated

0.20 up to 0.50mm with tensile strengths up to 3500N/mm2

Surface is brass coated or copper plated

Zhuoheng is the China standard GB/T 11182-2003 settlers

Products Specification

Brass plated steel wire for hydraulic hose
Nominal diameter Tolerance Tensile strength Torsions (L=100xø) Reverse bends*   (r=2.5mm)
mm mm (Mpa,N/mm2) Min Min
0.2 ±0.010 2150~2450 70 125
2450~2750 70
2750~3050 65
3050~3350 60
0.25 2150~2450 70 125
±0.010 2450~2750 70 125
2750~3050 65 105
3050~3350 60 75
0.3 ±0.010 2150~2450 65 105
2450~2750 60 95
2750~3050 60 85
3050~3350 50 60
0.35 ±0.015 2150~2450 65 60
2450~2750 60 60
2750~3050 60 55
3050~3350 50 50
0.4 ±0.015 2150~2750 60 55
2450~2750 60 55
2750~3050 60 50
3050~3350 50 45
0.42 ±0.015 2150 ~2450 60 50
2450 ~ 2750 60 50
2750 ~3050 50 45
0.46 ±0.015 2150~2450 60 45
2450~2750 60 45
2750~3050 50 40
0.5 ±0.015 2150~2450 60 40
2450~2750 60 35
2750~3050 50 30

Raw Material Of Brass Coated Steel Wire

Zhuoheng group required the suppliers of the wire rod customized to make sure the excellent mechanical performance,especially on tensile and some key elements.Other key materials and accessories are precisely measured and tested to ensure quality and parameters for further processing.We are always testing these items for the wire rod:

Key Elements of Testing Items for Wire Rod
C S Si Mn p Other elements Decarburization
Grain Size Impurity Segregation Diameter Strength Surface Shrinkage on-cross section

Production Workshop

To ensure extreme precision and excellent performance of steel wire, Zhuoheng group utilizes advanced production and control equipment in the world. Lubricants from France and drawing mold from Sweden to keep lower temperature and enough smoothness for better precision and surface quality. Germany electronic flowing measurement and Siemens temperature adjuster keep lubricant in needed state.

Brass Coated Steel Wire

Testing Center

Brass Coated Steel Wire

Quality Certificate

ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9002 certificated

Brass Coated Steel Wire


Spool type: BP60 or B60

Packing wirt48,60 or 72 spools in a carton on plywood pallet.

Details of weight list is a ttached in each carton

Very sensitive to moisture,demanding silica and plastic bag.

Brass Coated Steel Wire

Applications Of Brass Coated Steel Wire

It is widely used as reinforcement layer of the rubber hose and wrapped or knitted rubber hose in the form of braid or spirally wrapped sprial hydraulic hoses.These high-pressure rubber hose could sustain high pressure and high impact and they can be used for machinery,aviation,ocean,oil drilling industry and some other special occasions.

Brass Coated Steel Wire


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