Combined use of galvanized steel wire – news

Combined use of galvanized steel wire – news

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Combined use of galvanized steel wire – news

The combined use of galvanized steel wire: There is no difference between the static and dynamic friction coefficients of the ball spiral elevator. It is one of the effective measures to improve the sensitivity and positioning accuracy of the feed system and prevent crawling. Therefore, it is widely used in CNC machine tools and old equipment. Technological transformation is in progress.

The transmission efficiency of the galvanized steel wire is very high and will not be locked in vain. When used to transmit vertically moving parts, it is necessary to prevent reverse transmission caused by the weight of the part after the transmission is interrupted.

1) The galvanized steel wire should use a servo motor or a stepping motor that cannot be driven back by itself, but the reverse torque of the motor should be greater than the inertia torque of the transmission parts.

2) Galvanized steel wire uses electromagnetic or mechanical brake or one-way overrunning clutch.

3) Use a worm reducer that cannot be driven in the reverse direction.

For the multi-unit linkage of the galvanized steel wire, two-unit linkage and four-unit linkage are more common, and the use of six-unit linkage and eight-unit linkage is relatively rare. The use of linkage effectively solves some special problems of large span and heavy load, and can realize the synchronization, stability, and reciprocating lifting of multiple elevators, thereby replacing the traditional transmission forms used in daily use, such as pneumatic transmission, hydraulic transmission, etc.

The multi-unit linkage scheme is to combine motors, reducers, steering boxes, elevators, etc. together. Through couplings and connecting rods. The installation is very simple, the structure is compact, no additional supporting facilities are required, the reliability is very high, and the power supply is very extensive, and the use is more flexible.

How to install the four linkage forms of galvanized steel wire:

1. If it is an elevator with screw movement, the tail pipe installation space is reserved on site according to the length of the tail pipe, and the structure of deep excavation or welding steel structure bracket can be adopted.

2. Determine the difference in the center height of each unit according to the selected elevator, steering gear, motor, etc., and select the appropriate backing plate according to the difference to ensure that each input shaft and output shaft are in the same horizontal position. It should be noted here that before installation, the elevator, steering gear, and reducer should check the steering of the input and output shafts, and they can be installed only after improvements. After the screw is installed, there should be no lifting to ensure the synchronous lifting of the platform.

3. When galvanized steel wire uses couplings and connecting rods to connect each unit, the coaxiality should be calibrated, and there should be no tilt or competition; the floating amount of the flexible coupling should not exceed the allowable range of the coupling, and the rigid connection should be Ensure the shape and position tolerance of each installation connection.

4. The galvanized steel wire should be leveled during the installation process, the installation surface should be kept horizontal, and the screw should be relatively vertical to the installation surface, and no tilt should be allowed.

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