Copper-plastic Composite Tape

Copper-plastic Composite Tape

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Product Description

Copper-plastic Composite Tape

The copper-plastic composite tape is made of a single-sided composite copper tape with a special copolymer film. The plastic composite layer has good water resistance and adhesion to the copper tape. It is also halogen-free and can be combined with polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride. The sheath forms good bonding properties. The product forms a waterproof and anti-corrosion protective layer on the cable core through heat sealability during the vertical wrapping process. After the copper strip is fully annealed, it has the characteristics of high conductivity and easy processing. This product is mainly used in the shielding layer of medium and high voltage cables.

Technical parameter:

Characteristic+A57:E64 Unit Value Standard test
Thickness Copper 0.15/0.20 mm
Copolymer 0.05 mm
Tensile strength MPa ≥180
Elongation % ≥15
Peel strength N/cm ≥5
Heat sealing strength N/cm ≥17.5
Shear tension When the copper tape is broken or the adhesion between the plastic layer and the copper tape is damaged, the heat sealing zone between the plastic layers should not produce shear damage YD/T723-2007
Corrosion resistance Grade 7
Filling-resistant compound and hot-melt ointment and thixotropic ointment No stratification
Water resistance, 168 hours, peel strength N/cm ≥5
Dielectric strength on both sides No breakdown
Conductivity IACS >90%


The inside diameter of Width Length Core material
76/150/406mm 10mm-1000mm 2000m without joints Cardboard/steel/plastic core


Keep the warehouse clean and hygienic. Avoid direct sunlight, other pollution and mechanical damage


This technical index is for reference only, and the actual data is subject to the final inspection report provided by the supplier.

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