Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Wire

Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Wire

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Product Description

Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Wire

This product has good mechanical properties, thick zinc layer, smooth and firm, heavy plate, and accurate length. This product is used for steel core wires in power line cables.

Wire diameter tolerance: 0.15-8.00 mm

Name Executive standard Grade Specification Chemical composition analysis (melting composition)% Intensity level Zinc layer level Performance characteristics use
C Si Mn P ≤ S ≤
Hot-dip galvanized steel wire, electro-galvanized steel wire GB/T3428
ASTM B498,
BS EN 10244,
Technical Supply Agreement
45 Φ1.8~2.8 0.42-0.50 0.17-0.37 0.50-0.80 0.035 0.035 G1A-G5A and Technology Agreement A and agreement The surface of the steel wire is smooth and the zinc layer is uniform; the strength level and the zinc layer level can be matched according to customer requirements; the performance of the steel wire rod is good Overhead wires, ground wires and communication cables, suspension reinforcement
55 Φ1.2~2.0 0.52-0.60 0.17-0.37 0.50-0.80 0.035 0.035
60 Φ0.8~3.2 0.57-0.65 0.17-0.37 0.50-0.80 0.035 0.035
65 Φ0.8~4.0 0.62-0.70 0.17-0.37 0.50-0.80 0.035 0.035
70 Φ0.9~4.0 0.67-0.75 0.17-0.37 0.50-0.80 0.035 0.035
80 Φ1.6~4.5 0.77-0.85 0.17-0.37 0.50-0.80 0.035 0.035
WG80A Φ2.5~4.0 0.78-0.83 0.15-0.28 0.45-0.60 0.025 0.02
YL82B Φ4.0~4.5 0.75-0.80 0.10-0.30 0.60-0.90 0.025 0.025

Surface coating: ordinary zinc layer; thick zinc layer

Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Wire

Zinc layer specifications

Wire diameter Minimum amount of zinc layer (g/m2)
Class A Class B Class C
0.15mm-0.5mm 15 30
0.5mm-0.75mm 30 130
0.75mm-0.85mm 25 130
0.85mm-0.95mm 25 140
0.95mm-1.06mm 25 150
1.06mm-1.18mm 25 160
1.18mm-1.32mm 30 170
1.32mm-1.55mm 30 185
1.55mm-1.8mm 35 200 480
1.8mm-2.24mm 35 215 485
2.24mm-2.72mm 40 230 490
2.72mm-3.15mm 45 240 500
3.15mm-3.55mm 50 250 520
3.55mm-4.25mm 60 260 530
4.25mm-5.0mm 70 275 550
5.0mm-8.0mm 80 290 590

Tensile strength (Mpa)


Our company can also customize according to customer requirements

Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Wire

Quality control:

Our company has passed ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 quality management system certification, raw materials and semi-finished products will be tested and recorded. Traceability records can trace every link from raw materials to finished products.

Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Wire


1) All products are packaged in moisture-proof and suitable for long-distance shipping.

2) Product packaging can be customized according to customer requirements.

3) Air, sea and land transportation can be used.

Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Wire

Advantages of Zhuoheng Metal Products:

Have a professional steel wire and galvanized production team, strict process control, perfect management system and high-quality product services

First-class production and drawing technology, equipped with complete and industry-leading inspection and testing equipment to ensure product quality

Produce a full range of galvanized steel wire, the products can be produced in accordance with all national and international standards, such as European standards, German standards, ISO standards, and can also be produced according to the standards proposed by the user.

The product has uniform coating, easy to draw, small zinc loss, few broken wires, good corrosion resistance

The product has a wide range of strength, the highest tensile strength can reach more than 2000Mpa

Wide range of product specifications, the smallest size can reach 0.05mm

Production workshop

Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Wire

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