How To Become The Focus Of Adversity In This Epidemic

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How To Become The Focus Of Adversity In This Epidemic

As the international epidemic further spreads, the “domino effect” of China and global trade caused by this epidemic makes the situation of import and export in global foreign trade further deteriorate. In the face of the epidemic situation, the Chinese government has made comprehensive arrangements to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic in a timely manner and achieved positive results. Generally speaking, the influence of this epidemic on Chinese economy is temporary and periodic. Faced with this crisis, Henan Zhuoheng Hardware Co., Ltd dares to make changes and has the courage to foresee, succeeding in achieving growth in this adversity at the same time. Our company achieved sales figures of US $ 35 million, which was a rise of 15% on a year earlier. What’s more, our company even achieved a 30% growth in March. Among all the places, the sales in Africa and the Middle East rise obviously.

Then, how does Henan Zhuoheng Hardware Co., Ltd achieve growth in this adversary?

Firstly, always stand on the front line and check for products quality.

Quality is the life of an enterprise and quality is the fundamental guarantee for the development of enterprises. If enterprises want to take the initiative and win development in the competition of the future market, they must ensure the quality of products and effectively control the quality of their products. Henan Zhuoheng Hardware Co., Ltd checks the quality in all the procedures including raw material procurement of the products, production line manufacturing and test. Quality supervisors at all levels keep the products in high quality. High-quality products have won Henan Zhuoheng Hardware Co., Ltd a good reputation among customers. Our company would be the first customers think of when they have procurement requirements.

How To Become The Focus Of Adversity In This Epidemic

Secondly, bear in mind our company’s mission and improve brand services.

Through perennial accumulation and refinement, our company puts forward the vision that “creating a professional, safe and first-class steel service provider all around the world”. Our company minimizes the customer’s comprehensive publicity costs and becomes customers’ external “partners”, “product supplier” and the company providing heart-warming services while making customers feel respected at the same time. Then our company creates services that meet customers’ value judgments and exceed customers’ expectations, making customers receive unexpected results. Afterwards, resources are shared and mutual benefit and win-win are achieved. Our company wins customers’ respect with strength, constantly optimizes the methods of providing service and improves the quality of service. What’s more, compared with the benchmarking enterprise, our company learns from it, then transcend it, making our customers really feel the service characteristics of Sino Steel Co., Ltd.

Thirdly, persist in advancing with the times, tap growth momentum and seek opportunities from crises.

When crises and opportunities coexist, what you need is to keep abreast with the times and open up new ideas instead of standing still. Under the influence of this epidemic, offline communication between domestic and foreign customers is restricted. Our company wields the advantages of online e-commerce, actively deploy Internet marketing and capture traffic. Then professional marketing teams would use all kinds of marketing channels and promotional methods, such as using websites that customers can get points and providing free masks for customers. By adopting these measures can the conversion rate of orders be increased. With the aim to seize the historical opportunities in the crisis, you must be good at paying close attention to market dynamics and tapping different market countermeasures to respond to the crisis.

Fourthly, with the determination to sprint for 100 meters, work together and live up to the mission.

Enterprises grow up in the adversity, but passionate young people who work hard and come from different regions are also indispensable. Our employees adopt the method of working online right away, overcome difficulties and actively go back to work in advance. During this national battle, employees from Henan Zhuoheng Hardware Co., Ltd do not stop for a moment. We have been acting and struggling all the time … With the 100-meter sprint determination, we work together and can definitely live up to this mission.

We believe that, we can gather global wisdom and overcome this common and difficult problems beyond the borders and artificial barriers. We would definitely be in an invincible position in the adversity or under the crisis.

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