Product classification of steel strand – news

Product classification of steel strand – news

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Product classification of steel strand – news

1. Classification by purpose

Prestressed steel strands, galvanized steel strands and stainless steel strands, of which the prestressed steel strands coated with anti-corrosion grease or paraffin wax and coated with HDPE are called unbonded prestressed steel strands, prestressed steel strands It is also made of galvanized or galvanized aluminum alloy steel wire.

2. Classified by material characteristics

Steel stranded wire, aluminum-clad steel stranded wire and stainless steel stranded wire.

3. Classified by structure

Prestressed steel strands can be divided into 7 wires, 2 wires, 3 wires and 19 wires according to the number of wires.

Galvanized steel strands and aluminum-clad steel strands for power use are also divided into 2, 3, 7, 19, and 37 structures according to the number of steel wires. The 7-wire structure is commonly used.

4. Classified by surface coating

It can be divided into (smooth) steel strand, galvanized steel strand, epoxy-coated steel strand, aluminum-coated steel strand, copper-coated steel strand, plastic-coated steel strand, etc.

Application field of steel strand

Military coated wires; power industry ground rods; power cable braided shielded wires; connectors for various electronic components; special cables with reinforced conductive cores; overhead wires for power transmission and telephone lines; parallel dual-core telephone user communication lines; electrification Carrier cables and sliding contact wires of railways and rail transit lines; inner conductor materials of coaxial cables for cable television subscriber lines and subscriber lines: computer local area network, access network cables and field cables.

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