Aluminum-plastic Composite Tape

Aluminum-plastic Composite Tape

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Product Description

Aluminum-plastic Composite Tape

The aluminum-plastic composite tape is composed of single-sided or double-sided aluminum tape composite ethylene-acrylic acid copolymer (EAA), and the colors are natural and blue. The copolymer has good bonding performance with aluminum tape base tape, and it forms a strong bond with low-density, linear low-density, medium-density, high-density polyethylene and halogen-free polyolefin (HFPO) sheath resins. It forms a comprehensive protective layer and provides a reliable moisture-proof, shielding and chemical protective layer to the cable core.

Technical parameter

Characteristic Unit Value Standard test
Colour Natural/Blue YD/T723-2007
Thickness Aluminum 0.15/0.20 mm
Copolymer 0.05 mm
Tensile strength MPa ≥65
Elongation % ≥15
Peel strength N/cm ≥6.13
Heat sealing strength N/cm ≥17.5
Dynamic friction coefficient It’s 0.65
Corrosion resistance Grade 7
Filling-resistant compound and hot-melt ointment and thixotropic ointment No stratification
Water resistance, 168 hours, (68℃±1,168h) N/cm ≥6.13
Dielectric strength on both sides No breakdown


The inside diameter of Width Outer diameter Core material
76/150/406mm 10mm-1000mm Upto 1200mm Cardboard/steel/plastic core


Keep the warehouse clean and hygienic. Avoid direct sunlight, other pollution and mechanical damage


This technical index is for reference only, and the actual data is subject to the final inspection report provided by the supplier.


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