Precautions in the storage of steel strands – news

Precautions in the storage of steel strands – news

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Precautions in the storage of steel strands – news

Steel stranded wire is currently widely used, but because it is often used outdoors, some anti-rust treatment is required. Otherwise, rust will waste resources and may cause harm to projects using steel strands. When steel strands are produced, steel wires are galvanized when they are produced, and we often use them. Galvanized steel wire can improve the quality of the material, so that it can effectively ensure that it is not corroded when used in various environments.

At present, some steel strands are prone to rust during use. Naturally, it depends on what surface treatment they have. Moreover, they also need to see what firmness they have. Some surface defects will appear during use, which will naturally lead to corresponding defects during use.

If the steel strand is stored improperly, it may cause corrosion of the steel strand. The severely corroded steel strands directly become waste products and cannot be used continuously, resulting in waste of materials.

When purchasing samples, they should be sent to relevant units for inspection. If they pass the inspection, they can be taken into consideration for purchasing in order to place an order. After the goods arrive, you only need to check the safety of the steel pipe anchors one by one at each point where the prestress is used. When storing prestressed steel strands, a suitable warehouse with good ventilation should be selected. The ground should be hardened with concrete to ensure drainage around it.

The troughs under the steel strands should be lined with square wood. Steel strands stored in batches need to be stored separately. The steel strand must not be stained with soil. Clean up oil stains and other stains before storage. When cutting, it is necessary to ensure that the length of the prestressed steel strand is the same. Steel stranded wire should be used when in use, which can effectively reduce the corrosion rate of steel stranded wire.

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