The physical properties and uses of galvanized steel wire – news

The physical properties and uses of galvanized steel wire – news

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The physical properties and uses of galvanized steel wire – news

The surface of some galvanized steel wires is smooth, smooth and free of cracks, knots, punctures, scars and rust. Moreover, the galvanized layer on the outside of the galvanized steel wire is very uniform, and also has strong adhesion, long-lasting corrosion resistance, good toughness and elasticity. When in use, its tensile strength should be between 900Mpa-2200Mpa. The number of torsion should be more than 20 times, and the number of repeated bending should be more than 13 times. In the future, everyone will have to master these when making choices. The thickness of the hot-dip galvanized layer used is 250g/m. In this way, the corrosion resistance of the steel wire is greatly improved.

Galvanized steel wire is mainly used in planting greenhouses, breeding farms, cotton baling, springs and wire rope manufacturing.

Galvanized steel wire can also be used in engineering structures with harsh environmental conditions such as cable-stayed bridge cables and sewage ponds. In short, galvanized steel wire has some advantages of corrosion resistance and long service life.

Generally speaking, the quality of the galvanized layer can be evaluated by the weight of the zinc plated on the substrate, the bonding force between the galvanized layer and the substrate, and the uniformity of the coating. What you also need to know is that the uniformity of the zinc layer is an important quality indicator of the galvanized layer. In general, the corrosion always starts at the thin zinc layer and spreads around, causing rust, broken wires and affecting the service life. Moreover, each standard has clear regulations on the coating weight and bonding strength when in use, but the uniformity is not the same.

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